Some of the best and worst material in my recording career. If you feel you deserve to be here, email me and I'll start digging thru the mounds of masters that I've accumulated over the last 25 years...             maybe.

Rich Gaige and company

3 pieces, minimal overdubs, lotsa pizza. Rich, what the hell was the name of this band?

Bill Mackechnie

Bill has just begun his next record here. One of my favorite writers/performers.

The Remnants

Tom Boynton, Tom Friedrich and Tristan Lentz.

HATED Masterpiece

Recorded at LSP (in my mother's basement). Danny Littleton, Eric Fisher, Kenny Hill and Colin Meeder. This song was probably done in 35 minutes "live" because the band never had any money. In fact, they may still owe for this recording. Though the band is gone, the Hated still enjoy a very devoted following and rumors abound about a single reunion show.

Eric Apland, pianist

One of the areas best pianists, Eric released this Christmas CD last year. Recorded live on the stage at MD Hall, he roams thru many classic Christmas themes. These performances are extemporaneous!

Them Eastport Oyster Boys

"Water is Wide" from the CD "Full Moon Cruisin".

Carl Corse ~ Life Under Repair

Recorded by Carl Corse circa 1990. This was a solo piece recorded shortly after a truck accident he was involved in. I believe he is referring to the accident's victim.

Techno Brothers ~ Adrian Bond

Circa 1990, Adrian Bond is a master of ear candy. Adrian perfomed all parts, including the EBO guitar.

Ya̧nomamö ~ My Own Show

Probably from 1989, this was MY band, formed from left over ASHS graduates who were still in Annapolis. Yanumamo was Mike Hochman, Dana Biagini, Carl Corse, and myself. This recording contains my one and only singing appearance.

Ain't The Same ~ Victim

Listen here for the damage I could do to a GREAT band. Circa 1988, these were students from MD's St. Mary's College. What great players, including John Marc Porson on bass.

Voyager ~ Better things to do

Dana Biagini in the late 80's. Check out the tape hiss! Feel the hair! This was from a dusty cassette tape, and it shows !

Chuck Gary and Wayne Graham

Can't remember what the band name was, but they did let me play drums on this cut !